The PicYou user base is growing daily and provides a unique opportunity to create custom branded filters (Such as: Limited edition and one-of-a-kind filters built to emulate vintage, experimental analogue film photography or toy camera effects.) and targeted advertisements for your brand or organization.

We provide an extremely user-friendly photo sharing platform that allows our loyal users the best possible experience when sharing photos online. Our customized branded filters and Ad options create the perfect opportunity to broadcast your business in a new way.

Branded Filters Drive Brand Loyalty
Custom SLR, a San Jose based camera accessories maker, is one of the first companies to test the service with a custom frame and vintage type effect filter that gives each photo a specific look and feel. “We’re excited to see the instant results of iPhone and DSLR photos shared with the custom PicYou filter. It gives us an immediate advantage when people share their photos on Facebook. We’re seeing a growing number of fans who had not heard of our current line-up of products or brand prior to the use of the branded filter.” -Ivan Wong, Chief Operating Officer of Custom SLR, LLC

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