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Ch.6 Harry's pov: As we pulled into the parking lot the bus came in an honked at us we pulled into a double spaced spot. It quite alarmed me, but I was okay. "What the Hell?" I said confused. "it's okay she was just joking around." she replied calmly as she got out and went around got the back as for me to do the same and meet with her there. "so this is American food?" I asked. " yupp, fatty, greasy, totally unhealthy, American food." she said said with a smile on her face, I made the weirdest face I could and looked at her. She laughed, I love her laugh. Then I began thinking about when I was going to kiss her, I contemplated about it, when, where, I just can't think of a way to have out first kiss. We walk into a diner themed restaurant with an open kitchen where you can watch them prepare your food. There was a long table that curved in the back which might have been reserved or us, but I'm not sure. "okay so once all the team sits down we wi figure everything else out. Like drinks and people will start ordering soon after." she said. I stood there just shaking my head up and down. Olivias pov: I had to plan everything ahead if time because I was captain. I made the table arrangements and didn't sit down until everyone had a seat. It ended up four short, so Harry, Niall, Brianna, an I sat near them. We had a pretty casual conversation. "So do you two want to have a movie night Friday? It's our only night we don't have curfew. Plus I just got all these movies, yeah know. Like they are all Disney classics." I said with a little bit of sarcasm at the end. "haha well I would love too!" Harry said "as would I" Niall added on. I looked at Brianna she nodded and made a weird smile. "excuse me I will be right back," Brianna said getting up and going to the bathroom. About 30 seconds later Niall did the same. "okay something has to be happening back there. They are going within 30 second of each other? Yeah I'll be right back," I said to Harry and got up before he even had time to respond. I crept down the hallway towards the bathrooms around te corner. "so here is my phone just put your number in" Niall said. "and here is mine and just do the same please and thank you." Brianna responded. How cute! Thy were swapping numbers! Aww. I quickly went back to the table to tell Harry. "they were getting digits" I said winking dramatically while shaking my head up and down. He smiled at the ground and shook his head from side to side. I sat down, thinking about what to say. The waitress came over before I could think. "are you ready to order drinks? Or food?" I nodded as did Harry. Niall and Brianna were finally coming back, they sat down and we ordered
love it
@savannahloves1D thanks so much!!
Can you please tag me in the next one I do not want to lose this fanfic I love ir!! (: <33333
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